A unified polling platform

A platform to conduct surveys, create petitions, and a lot more.

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App Features

Forming Opinions & Conducting Surveys is easier than ever. With a large category of Polls, you can find your Area of interest listed in the list of topics. Create Polls instantly, share with your friends & colleagues & obtain results on the go.

Create Polls Anonymously

No need to Sign up. Create a poll in under 30 seconds.

Create Surveys

With pollin its easier than ever to conduct surveys.

Gather Opinion

Now it's easier to collect a local opinion, helping us to make quick decisions.

Create Petitions

Gather support by creating petitions in couple of minutes with pollin.

Graphical Results

This cool feature of the app allows you download results of your polls in form of Graphs.

Easy Sharing

Easy sharing of the polls you create.

Get Embeddable Polls

With the Pollin API Widget, you can integrate any poll you create in another website or blog.

No Tampering

Only, Genuine Voters are allowed to vote. Votes tampering has no way in Pollin.

Pollin : A unified polling platform

Welcome to Pollin! Pollin is a simple to use polling platform, where you can host polls and share with the world. You can analyse the opinions of various people on various aspects. Results are provided in the form of Pie-Charts, which can be downloaded for free. You can create public polls as well as private polls. Public Polls are visible to all the users visiting Pollin, anyone can vote and share the poll. On the other hand, Public Polls are private to you and those you share with. To get started with creating a Public Poll, Tap on the Add icon on the bottom navigation bar. Give your poll, a title or the question that you wish to survey. Add numerous choices, and an optional cover image. That's it! You can create a poll in under 2 minutes.

Take a Deep Dive into Pollin

Pollin has got two categories to define polls: Instant & General. As the name suggests, Instant polls let you quickly create a poll so that you can share with your friends and get an opinion in seconds. Instant polls do not appear in the Polls Feed, hence no one except the person you share it with can vote on your poll. Also, these polls expire in 24 hours. General Polls are more of a formal kind of polls which aim at getting the generalised opinion of a large number of people. These polls show up in the Polls feed and only Genuine Pollin Voters can vote on them. You can use these polls to conduct surveys, with the ease of downloadable Results in the form of Pie Charts. These polls do not expire at all. Both kind of polls do not require any user information from your side, this means you are still creating polls anonymously.

  • Pollin for Elections is a program which allows you to host your local general elections like: Elections for the Employee of the Month, or College Elections like CR of the Batch etc.
  • Pollin is the safest way to poll and encryption techniques which are used to protect your data. It lets you host polls anonymously and gather the opinion .
  • Pollin for News is a product of Pollin. There are a lot of fake news articles, messages circulating all over the internet. Pollin for News, is a Fake News Analyzer which can get you the authentincity of a news article. Once you find the authenticity of the article, you can forward it with the Pollin Genuine News Badge, which ensures Genuine News is circulated all over the Internet.
  • Once you create your Poll, you get a shareable link to your poll. People you share this link with, can vote on your poll and check results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of your questions regarding Pollin